Hello, and welcome to Zachary Olson Presents! This website and its variations and iterations are the result of a combination of a two different things:

  • First, an experiment. I believe that art should be free for as many people to access as possible; to that end, I have constructed this site to make my own work as accessible as I can. However, I also believe in artists being paid for their labor and creativity; to that end, I’ve devised a couple of methods through which those who enjoy my work can support it according to their own means.
  • Second, a challenge. I spent the bulk of my youth loving the act of writing and telling stories, only to slowly lose the drive for it as I got older and other things got in the way. Recently, I’ve gone back to some of my old work and realized that there was a lot more there that I liked than things that I didn’t, and I started writing again. This website represents a two-part resolution: that I can write fun and compelling fiction that I can feel proud of, and that I will.

Make sure to check back each month for new chapters! I plan to start with one chapter a month, but as the months go by and I get a consistent feeling for my output, that number may change. For updates, make sure to follow @ZOPCast on Twitter and other social media.