Kieran Quick. 

Gunslinger. Footpad. Scoundrel. Thief. 

They say she’s back in town after a long time away. 

They say she’s trying to put the life behind her. 

They say that nobody ever really does. 

Not in Crown, The City Resurgent. 

Not in Crown, First of the New Age.

Not in Crown, The Promised Glory. 

Nah, the life has a funny way of sneaking up on you. 

And really, we all knew all along, didn’t we? 

That Kieran Quick was never gonna have a quiet life. 

After all, there’s a hundred and one stories about Kieran Quick. 

The people she’s helped. The people she’s hurt. 

The people that never forget.

The people that do.

There’s a hundred and one stories, alright.

But this one? 

This one is the first

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